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News and Events

News and Events

Please join us for the following:

Creating a Will Workshop -  Please join us for a workshop on how to properly prepare your will. Meet presenter, Thomas D. Bransfield of Bransfield & Bransfield, PC.

Wednesday, January 18 at 7 PM

St. Stephen Large Meeting Room

RSVP to Deacon Joe Stalcup by January 15, 2017

By email at:                                                               

By phone at 708-342-2400



A Will is a Gift to Those You Love

A properly prepared will is a gift because it makes the distribution of your estate very clear and eliminates difficult decision making. If you don't have a will, the state may obtain the right to decide what happens to your possessions, your children, and your financial legacy. Letting the State decide may not meet your wishes.

Here are some of the benefits of having a proper will:            

1. A will allows you to decide who gets your hard earned assets including family, parish, parish school, Archdiocese of Chicago, or others.

2. A will allows you to decide who will care for your minor or special needs children.

3. A will can speed up the probate process versus having no will.

4. A will allows you to decide who will handle the terms of your will.  

5. A will allows you to avoid greater legal challenges versus having no will.

6. A will allows you to make changes based on changing circumstances.

7. A properly prepared will is a gift to your family because it provides clear directions on your final wishes.

Prepare your will now while you are not under stress or pressure.


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